Another day, another win!

Griffin called me wanting a quote on his car insurance, pretty common theme these days.

He is 23 years old, rents his home and had been with Farm Bureau for 5 years on his parents policy. He has 2 vehicles, 1 with Comprehensive and Collision coverage with $500 deductibles and 1 with liability coverage only. He was paying about $90/month.

His limits of liability were set at $50,000/$100,000- not terrible but we recommend $100,000/$300,000 at least.

I raised his limits and provided the same coverages and he now pays $54/month!

2 lessons can be learned here:

1. If you don’t live at home, getting your own insurance will cost the same, maybe less if you have a good driving record. And its the legal way to insure yourself- just sayin’.

2. Less coverage isn’t always cheaper! Explore your options, don’t be left holding the bill when the worst happens.

Give me a call today to review your coverages and rates!