Auto insurance is often referred to as liability or full-coverage. What exactly does this mean though?

Let’s Break it down!

Liability means that you are covered if you cause an accident and there is property damage or someone is hurt in the other vehicle. The amount that you are covered for is your liability limits. In Kentucky your state minimum liability limits are $25,000/$50,000, though $100,000/$300,000 are the recommended coverages. Your insurance company will pay to fix the other involved vehicles, property damaged caused and also medical injuries.

Full-Coverage, technically there isn’t a “full-coverage” but for these purposes we will. This coverage has the same liability limits but also comes with Comprehensive and Collision Coverage. These coverages have a deductible but can be used to fix damage on your car in an accident you are at-fault for. Comprehensive coverages damages caused by animals, telephone poles, basically anything but a car collision. Collision coverage will cover damages from a car collision.

There are also optional coverages such as Roadside Assistance, Rental Car reimbursement and others that can be carrier specific. Ask your agent about these coverages if you wish to add them to your policy!

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