Growing your business is dependent on numerous factors.

You’ve got to be able to market, sell, and most importantly DELIVER! Communication and education are critical as well.

Under promise and over deliver is a common phrase with entrepreneurs and salespeople in general. Doing this one thing can generate positive buzz and grow your positive reputation.

In growing your reputation, positively, you’ll reap the benefits of referrals (free marketing!) and be beloved in the community!

But, what happens if you have a misstep?

Say you’re a service provider and you are now liable for damage at the customer’s property? Or you had a breach in your data and have put your customer’s personal info at risk?

Do you have the ability to make it “right”?

If you are partnered with the wrong insurance provider, you could be left high and dry! You need an agent who understands your business, your exposures and can recommend the necessary coverages.

Does your carrier pay claims efficiently? Do you have the proper coverages to protect you? Does your agent understand your business?

These questions could save you from some major headaches.

If you want an agent who cares about your growth and wants to protect you at all costs, give me a call!

I specialize in-home service providers, contractors, restaurants and most small to medium businesses in KY, OH, IN, TN, GA, MI and am working on markets in other states!

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