Commercial Auto Insurance, who needs it? Why do I need it?

For starters, anyone using their vehicle to work- providing a delivery service (food or goods), contractor’s work vehicles, fleets, trucking companies, patient transportation, landscapers, etc. Pretty simple, if you make money using your vehicle for a service or driving to a job site to provide a service, you should have a Commercial Auto Policy.

The Commercial Auto Insurance policy provides higher limits of liability and have specific wording to better protect a company from legal matters that could arise. For instance, if you are driving your work truck and rear end someone causing damage to the other person’s vehicle and their back, they could come after your business or boss for the payout. The higher limits would be able to payout a higher amount which could financially save the company- if the limits are too low, you would pay out of pocket. These out of pocket expenses could easily cripple a company.

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