Imagine a world where you can get better coverage AND save money on your insurance!

Jacqui and Jerry found me through my dad Gary and took a look at their current insurance policies.

I started with their flooring company and was able to match their coverages and provide them with an additional $1 Million in protection!

They were paying $2,700 and we got it down to $1,765, again with better coverage.

That’s almost $1,000 in savings.

Then she decided to let me look at her car insurance and home insurance. These policies were split up between Progressive and KY Farm Bureau- Jerry is a train wreck (Jacqui’s words, not mine 😂)

They were at $380/month on the car insurance with STATE MINIMUM coverage 🤯😕

I got it down to $350/month with recommended coverages 💵😎

The home was $1889/year with KY Farm Bureau, who notoriously underinsures homes. They had $240,000 in coverage.

I increased the coverage to $307,000 AND saved them $300 with a new rate of $1,520/year!

All in all they saved $1,600/year AND have better coverages!

If you want to save money, get covered properly or just get some advice- GIVE ME A CALL!!