What happens if you get into an accident and the person who caused the accident doesn’t have insurance and flees? 🤬

Well, if you have uninsured motorists coverage (most people do) you would be covered on your own policy 👍

HOWEVER I have seen a lot of people without this coverage- and worse, they don’t even know!!! 🤯🤯

What happens then? Well, you better have the funds saved up to pay out of pocket.

Do you have these common, yet vital coverages?

If you have Root, Geico or any online platform, you might not. After all, they let you choose your coverages without any education typically.

Do yourself a favor and pay the little extra to be covered or it will cost wayyyy more in the long run 🗣

Give me a call for a free review of your coverages- its quick, easy and you’ll learn a thing or two!