It’s a great thing for business owners!

But one thing that could hinder that growth is being improperly insured.

Imagine building a legacy through your hard work only to have it ripped away from 1 mistake.

A lot of people enter their fields expecting to be successful, but far exceed their expectations. You get an LLC and some insurance. Then market, sell and work your way to a reputable situation.

Time and time again, the smaller business owners grow and need to expand their insurance coverages or add in some additional coverages before the first year is up.

I’m working with a few local businesses now that have encountered just this.

We have great programs for Landscapers, Electricians, Pressure Washers, Restaurants, Ecommerce Stores, General Contractors, and Trucking/Garage/Body Shops.

Who do you know who owns a similar business? Are they experiencing growth?

Refer a local business owner and our agency will pay you if they simply allow us to review and quote their insurance coverages!

Give me a call or have them contact me today!