We can all agree owning a home is expensive 🏠 💵

One day your hot water heater goes out 🤬

The next you find out you had a water line burst and now have to have it dug up and replaced 🤬🤬

THEN your sump pump goes out in the middle of the night and your basement has water coming in 🤬🤬🤬

The problems can add up, BUT you can protect your wallet from these events with the right Homeowner’s Insurance policy! 🗣🤯

Equipment Breakdown will replace appliances that breakdown due to factors other than wear and tear- just pay the deductible and the insurance covers the difference. This is typically a $500 deductible on most policies.

Underground Service Line gives you coverage on pipes that go to the street that the homeowner is liable for. To dig up and replace these can cost $10-15,000 easily 💵🧐

Backup of Water from Drains and Sewers will cover water damage from backed up drains or if a sump pump fails- I recommend carrying $10,000 in coverage at least.

These are OPTIONAL coverages that a lot of insurance agents leave off to keep down costs.

Equipment Breakdown is maybe $35 per year.

Underground Service Line coverage is about $35 per year.

Water Backup is $30-80 per year depending on the coverage amount.

You could save THOUSANDS by carrying these coverages. Ask your agent if these are on your policy OR call me for a free review!

Remember, when it rains, it pours!